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DIPS 1/2005 [abstract, tex source, PostScript, PDF file, dvi]

Title: Differential invariants of generic hyperbolic Monge-Ampère equations.
Authors: Michal Marvan, A. M. Vinogradov, V. A. Yumaguzhin

Comments: 7 pages, LaTeX-2e.

DIPS 2/2005 [abstract, tex source, PostScript, PDF file, dvi]

Title: A geometric study of the dispersionless Boussinesq type equation.
Authors: Paul Kersten, I. Krasil`shchik, A. Verbovetsky

Comments: 37 pages, LaTeX-2e.

DIPS 3/2005 [abstract, tex source, PostScript, PDF file, dvi]

Title: Ricci Flat Metrics with bidimensional null Orbits and non-integrable orthogonal Distribution.
Author: Michael Bächtold

Comments: 12 pages, LaTeX-2e.

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