DIPS 2/2005 [tex source, PostScript, PDF file, dvi]

Title: A geometric study of the dispersionless Boussinesq type equation.

Authors: Paul Kersten, I. Krasil`shchik, A. Verbovetsky

We discuss the dispersionless Boussinesq type equation, which is equivalent to the Benney-Lax equation, being a system of equations of hydrodynamical type. The results include: a description of local and nonlocal Hamiltonian and symplectic structures, hierarchies of symmetries, hierarchies of conservation laws, recursion operators for symmetries and generating functions of conservation laws (cosymmetries). Highly interesting are the appearances of operators that send conservation laws and symmetries to each other but are neither Hamiltonian, nor symplectic. These operators give rise to a noncommutative infinite-dimensional algebra of recursion operators.

37 pages, LaTeX-2e.

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