The Diffiety Institute was established in 1995 on a base of the research seminar "Algebra and geometry of differential equations", which was founded in 1972 on the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University by Alexandre M. Vinogradov. Initially, the Institute members were Alexandre M. Vinogradov, Joseph Krasil'shchik, Alexey V. Samokhin, Michael M. Vinogradov, Vladimir Chetverikov, Alex Verbovetsky, Nina Khor'kova, Michal Marvan, Valery A. Yumaguzhin, and Valery N. Yumaguzhina. Later Paul Kersten, Raffaele Vitolo, and Sergei Igonin joined them. Professor Donald C. Spencer (deceased 2001) kindly agreed to be an honorary member of the Institute.

Complete information on scientific and educational activities of the Institute, its seminars, publications, conferences, and student schools can be found on this site.

In 2005, by bureaucratic and some other reasons, was formally closed down. Nevertheless, its main activities was continued, including the support of this site, developing of the e-library, organization of student schools, etc.

From this time The Diffiety Institute was just the name of the site.

In 2005-2010 years some new sites was created. Namely, The Levi-Civita Institute site containing all information about Diffiety schools and Current Geometry conferences; and site on the Geometry of Differential Equations containing, in particular, information about Moscow seminar. So, since July 15, 2010 the site is frozen. Updates are possible for Sophus Lie e-library only.