New Edition of the Diffiety School

The IV Italian School
Forino (Avellino), ITALY, 17 July -- 29 July 2000

In cooperation with and under the scientific direction of Prof. A. M. Vinogradov (Universita' di Salerno), we are announcing the fourth edition of the Diffiety School.


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  2. On this edition of the School
  3. Staff of the School
  4. Beginners' courses
  5. Veterans' courses
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On this edition of the School

In this edition the School will offer two series of courses, one for beginners and one for veterans. Teachers and programs are listed below. Beginners' course material is the same as first edition school, and is available here.

We invite interested people to look in our web site or to mail us for information about past editions and current activities. Here is also a poster of our School in .pdf format; it would be of great help for us if you could print it out and show up in your In stitution.

Staff of the School

Here follows the list of teachers and tutors in the School:

A. M. Vinogradov, Director (Universita' di Salerno)
V. Chetverikov (Technical University of Moscow)
A. De Paris (Universita' "Federico II" di Napoli)
S. Igonin (Independent University of Moscow)
N. Khorkova (Moscow State Tecnical University "Bauman")
M. Marvan (Silesian University at Opava, Czech Rep.)
A. Verbovetsky (Independent University of Moscow)
M. Vinogradov (Diffiety Institute)
R. Vitolo (Universita' di Lecce)
V. Yumaguzhin (State University of Pereslavl'-Zalessky, Russia)

And here's the organising committee:
C. Bove, F. Canfora, D. Catalano, S. Cioffi, A. De Paris G. Manno, B. Prinari, F. Pugliese, L. Vitagliano, R. Vitolo.

Beginners' courses

  1. General Introduction
  2. First order differential calculus on man ifolds
  3. Introduction to differential calculus on commutative algebrae

Veterans' courses

  1. Contact and symplectic multi-valued solutions of 1st order scalar differential equations
  2. R-manifolds and multi-valued solutions of PDE's
  3. Basic functors of differential calculus over commutative algebras

The deadline has been shifted to 30 June 2000.

As for accommodation, we invite interested people to read this. Detailed information on how to reach Forino is here.


For more details about past edi tions of the School and current activities, look in our web site, drop us an e-mail request, fax or phone to us at
Questions and suggestions should go to diffiety @