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General Information

On the road SS 88 (via dei Due Principati) from Avellino to Salerno, after Bufoni pass, a green forest appears suddenly. It's Forino, restful and pleasant mediaeval village, surrounded by mountains and woods.
The town is situated between 400m and 900m above the sea level, and, due to his position, has a relatively fresh weather, especially in summer.
Several shops and bars can be found in the center of Forino, toghether with a beautiful public garden.

Reaching Forino

By Plane: The nearest airport is the airport of Naples. From there, you should go to the railway station and go on by train or by bus.

You can also arrive to the airport of Rome but from there you should go on by Marozzi bus lines ( see below ).

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Montoro-Forino station, about 9km from Forino. There is a bus from the station to Forino. But we suggest you to take a SITA bus from either Avellino, Naples, or Salerno.
By Bus: SITA bus lines provide frequent links between Avellino (: Piazza Kennedy ) and Forino. SITA bus lines provide also frequent links between Salerno (: Piazza della Concordia ) and Forino. Naples is frequently linked (every 20-30 minutes) to Avellino by a freeway bus (not SITA) which starts from Piazza Garibaldi (the square outside the Napoli Centrale railway station ) and arrives at Piazza Kennedy (Avellino) in about 45 minutes. >From there you should go on by a SITA bus.

For your convenience, we put at your disposal the current timetables for the links Avellino-Forino, Avellino-Forino-Salerno, Avellino-Forino-Naples. SITA bus have their own station in Avellino, Naples and Salerno; in a few days we will put their address here.

MAROZZI bus lines provide links between Rome (: Roma Tiburtina ) and Avellino ( : Piazza Kennedy) according to the next timetable : 14.40 -16.00 .

By Car: The nearest freeway exits are Montoro inferiore (freeway Naples-Salerno, then freeway Salerno-Avellino) and Avellino Est (freeway Napoli-Bari), both 10km from Forino.

Tourist information

Besides the nice town center, Forino offers wonderful walks in woods such as Forino's public pine-wood in Piano Saldo. It is possible to organise excursions in the surrounding mountains. From the top of Monte Falieso, there is a nice view on Naples' gulf and Vesuvio.
Forino is near to one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of Italy. In less than one hour it is possible to reach
Naples (50 Km), its Islands, the Phlaegrean Fields (50 Km), Pompei and Ercolano (35 Km), Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast (30 Km).


The only hotel in Forino is Tenuta Monte Laura. This is a beautiful "agrotourism" hotel at 1 Km from the town center. Participants to the Diffiety School can be guested in a students' hostel for free, except of a very little contribution for cleanings and covers. The hostel is situated in the "SCUOLA MATERNA" (: infant school ) of PETRURO , so if you take the bus you must stop in PETRURO . The hostel is at 150 metres from the PETRURO bus stop. Please, be care, your bus stop is that of PETRURO , not Preturo (: which also exists).

Here are two pictures of the School of Forino:

School of Forino 1
School of Forino 2


Questions and suggestions should go to diffiety @ tiros.dmi.unisa.it