New Edition of the Diffiety School

The IV Italian School
Forino (Avellino), ITALY, 17 July -- 29 July 2000

Participants to the Diffiety School are supposed to arrive in Forino on 17 July 2000. Click here for travel and tourist information. Participants should communicate to us the time of arrival. In this way, a member of the organising committe will wait for them at the bus stop in the center of Forino.

The courses, both advanced and for beginners, will start in 18 July 2000 at 9.00 a.m., and end on 28 July 2000. Lectures will be kept in a school of the Municipality of Forino, in the center of the town. The address will be given in a few days. Participants are supposed to leave on 29 July 2000.

The Municipality of Forino offers free lodging to people who registered before 20 June 2000. The place is an ex-school transformed into a students' hostel, with the following features:

For those (Ph. D., post-doc, researchers, etc.) who can be refunded by their institutes, and for whom reserved after 20 July 2000, there is an alternative accomodation, the "Tenuta Monte Laura". This is a beautiful "agrotourism" hotel nearby Forino. We can reserve there double or triple rooms for participants. The price is 50000 liras (nearly 25 euros) per one person/night. If you are interested in this possibility please contact us not later than June 27.

Questions and suggestions should go to diffiety @