Current Geometry

Conference Site, Tourist Information
and Accommodation

When you arrive in Naples, we strongly recommend to take a taxi to get to your hotel (the cost should be about 30.000 Italian liras from the airport or about 20.000 from the railway station). However, if you prefer to go by bus and/or subway, some information can be obtained following these links: from the airport or from the railway station).

The conference will be held at 'Palazzo Serra di Cassano', via Monte di Dio, 14 - Naples. This place can be very easily reached because it is in the center of Naples, next to the famous 'Piazza Plebiscito', which is at a walking distance from most of the hotels listed below in this page (follow this link for some more details on how to reach the 'Plebiscito' square; if your hotel is not in the list and you need some personalized information, do not exitate to write us). We provide here with a map of the center of Naples, where the Conference site is indicated by a bright yellow 'CG' near the bottom left-hand corner. Once in the square 'Plebiscito' take the direction from the Royal Palace to the church (which is the building with many columns: this direction roughly corresponds to the orizontal direction on the map, oriented from right to left). Go ahead (and a little on the right) toward a narrow street (via Gennaro Serra) next to the right side of the square (warning: although on the map you can see a bigger street on the left of the square, this is not the good way because it is a tunnel which goes under the hill on which the palace is). Walking up to the little hill along this street for about 100 meters, you arrive in via Monte di Dio. Then turn left and walk again for about 100 meters: on the left there is Palazzo Serra di Cassano (n. 14).

The conference will start on 11 September 2000 at 9.00 and will end on 14 September 2000 at 13.00. The deadline for registration is 31 July 2000.

The conference will be held in one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of Italy. Click here to give a look to some information about Naples, its Islands, the Phlaegrean Fields, Pompei and Ercolano, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

The organising committee does not provide any direct reservation facility. Anyway, you will find here a list of recommended hotels. Participants are kindly invited to contact them and to make the reservation, either by phone or by fax.

HotelAddressPhoneFaxSingle r.Double r.
Royalvia Partenope 380817644800 0817645707300.000 L.400.000 L.
Mediterraneovia Nuova Ponte di Tappia 25 0815512240 0815525868170.000 L.240.000 L.
Rexvia Palepoli 140817649389 0817649227 140.000 L.190.000 L.
Napoli t'amovia Toledo 1480815523626 081552362690.000 L.140.000 L.
Toledovia Montecalvario 15081406800 081406800130.000 L.180.000 L.
Ruggierovia Martucci 72081660362 081660362120.000 L.160.000 L.
Pinto Storeyvia Martucci 72081681260 081667536140.000 L.210.000 L.
Margheritavia Cimarosa 290815567044 081556704455.000 L.93.000 L.


Note also that in Hotel Rex and Napoli t'amo we reserved rooms for participants to the conference. Such rooms will be kept until 30 June 2000. You could make a reservation there by fax. In the fax you should put your personal data, by specifying that you are going to participate to the Conference 'Current Geometry', Palazzo Serra di Cassano, September 2000. Moreover, you should enclose your credit card number.

Questions and suggestions should go to