Santo Stefano del Sole (Avellino), Italy,
July 13 - 28, 2003
Last updated October 8, 2003

This school is organized in cooperation with
  • Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici
  • Municipality of Santo Stefano del Sole (AV), Italy
and under the scientific direction of Prof. A. M. Vinogradov (Universita' di Salerno, Italy, and Diffiety Institute, Russia).


  1. Secondary Calculus
  2. Lecturers and tutors in the School
  3. Courses
  4. List of participants
  5. Organizing committee
  6. School photos. (last updated October 12, 2003.)

Lecturers and tutors in the School:

  1. J. Krasil'shchik Algebra of Linear and Geometry of Nonlinear Differential Operators
    (tutor - M. Vinogradov);
  2. A. Verbovetsky Geometry of Differential Equations
    (tutor - A. Kiselev);
  3. A. Vinogradov Observables --- Calculus --- Manifolds
    (tutor - S. Igonin).

List of participants:

Also among participants:

Diplomas of participation in the School were handed to all participants. Moreover, there were examinations in all courses, which were organized as follows. For each course, students received a list of examination problems. To pass an examination, one had to solve a reasonably large number of problems. Students having passed an examination received diplomas certifying this fact.

The following students have passed examinations

in Algebra of Linear and Geometry of Nonlinear Differential Operators:
in Observables --- Calculus --- Manifolds: and in Geometry of Differential Equations: Enrico Bibbona (University of Turin, Italy).

Organizing committee:

A. De Paris, C. Di Pietro, G. Manno, R. Piscopo, G. Rotondaro, A. Vinogradov, R. Vitolo, D. Catalano Ferraioli.