Last updated January 14, 1998

The Conference on "Secondary Calculus and Cohomological Physics" was organized in Moscow, Russia, by Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofoci (Naples), and the Diffiety Institute under support of International Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow and Russian Founation for Base Research.

Time: August 24, 1997 - August 31, 1997.

Scientific Committee:
I. Batalin (Moscow) L. Bonora (Triest)
R. Bryant (Durham, NC) M. Dubois-Violette (Orsay)
M. Fliess (Paris) P. Griffiths (Princeton, NJ)
M. Henneaux (Brussels) V. Kozlov (Moscow)
I. Krasil'shchik (Moscow) G. Marmo (Naples)
B. Sadovnikov (Moscow) J. Stasheff (Chapel Hill, NC)
M. Talon (Paris) I. Tyutin (Moscow)
C. Viallet (Paris) A. Vinogradov(Salerno-Moscow)
B. Voronov (Moscow)  
Local Committee:
V. Kozlov (Moscow) I. Krasil'shchik
B. Sadovnikov (Moscow) A. Samokhin (Moscow)
M. Vinogradov(Moscow)  


The term secondary calculus refers to such topics as higher symmetries of PDE's, the C-spectral sequence (variational bicomplex) which are secondary analogues of usual vector fields and differential forms, respectively. Recently it became clear that there exist secondary counterparts of all ingredients of the standard calculus which are various type cohomology classes living on infinite prolongations of appropriate equations. Among them are BRST-anti-fields, Batalin-Vilkovisky bracket and similar cohomology constructions which are natural to be called cohomological physics.
The conference is thought to be a forum of both mathematicians and physicists to fix the state of art and perspectives in this extremely promising area.


A list of invited speakers includes:

M. Asorey, G. Barnich, C. Becchi, L. Bonora, F. Brandt, R. Bryant, M. Fliess, M. Henneaux, V. Kozlov, I. Krasil'shchik, A. Ibort, N. Maggiore, G. Marmo, M. Rasetti, B. Sadovnikov, J. Stasheff, A. Verbovetsky, C. Viallet, A. Vinogradov,

The program

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Papers of the invited lecturers are published in the Contemporary Mathematics series of the American Mathematical Society, volume 219, 1998. All other contributions are e-printed in the Electronic Conference Proceedings of EMIS.

Questions and suggestions should go to M. Vinogradov, vin @