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Mathematical Conference Proceedings

The International Conference on
Secondary Calculus and Cohomological Physics

August 24 - August 31, 1997

Invited contributions to the Conference


V.A. Andreev, O.A. Ivanova:
Reduced system of Bethe equations for three-boson interaction

M. Castrillon Lopez & J. Munoz Masque:
Gauge invariance on principal SU(2)-bundles

A. A. Davydov:
On some Hochschild cohomology classes of fusion algebras

Yuri E. Gliklikh:
On stochastic evolution of a general relativistic quantum particle without conservation of energy

R. Martini and P.H.M. Kersten:
WDVV equations and their solutions for a (3,2) and (3,4) supermanifold; the isotropic and nonisotropic case

O.M. Khudaverdian, D.A. Sahakyan:
Cohomological aspects of Noether theorem for Lagrangians of classical mechanics

Michal Marvan:
A direct procedure to compute zero-curvature representations

A. Alvarez, J.A. Armario, P. Real, B. Silva:
Homological Perturbation Theory and computability of Hochschild and cyclic homologies of CDGAs

Dmitry Roytenberg, Alan Weinstein:
Courant algebroids and strongly homotopy Lie algebras

Alexey V. Samokhin:
Symmetries of equations containing a small parameter

S.I. Senashov, A.N. Iakhno:
Conservation Laws and Main Boundary Problems of Plasticity

Valery E. Shemarulin:
A direct method for solving boundary-value problems

Vladimir O. Soloviev:
Divergences as a grading of the formal variational calculus

V.N. Gusyatnikova, V.A. Yumaguzhin:
Contact transformations and local reducibility of ODE to the form y"'=0

Victor V. Zharinov:
Secondary operational calculus