Last updated August 14, 2000

This school was organized also in cooperation with Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici (Naples), and took place in Forino in July 17 - 29, 2000
In this edition the School was offer two series of courses, one for beginners and one for veterans. Diplomas of participation in the School were handed to all participants. Moreover, there were examinations for all courses, which were organized as follows. For each course students received a list of examination problems. To pass an examination one had to solve reasonably large number of problems. The exact values of these numbers along with the lists of problems for all courses you find on the corresponding course pages, below the program. Students having passed an examination received (or will receive) a diploma certifying this fact. Students having not passed all examinations yet, can do this by email.
Also during the school the scientific session of Diffiety Institute took place. The program see below.

Beginners' courses

  1. A. Vinogradov: General introduction,
  2. A. De Paris: First order differential calculus on manifolds,
  3. A. Verbovetsky, S. Igonin, R. Vitolo, Introduction to differential calculus on commutative algebrae ,

Veterans' courses

  1. V. Yumaguzhin: Contact and symplectic multi-valued solutions of 1st order scalar differential equations,
  2. N. Khor'kova: R-manifolds and multi-valued solutions of PDE's. , For exercises and problems see here.
  3. V. Chetverikov: Singularities and multivalued solutions of PDE ,
  4. A. Vinogradov, M. Vinogradov: Basic functors of differential calculus over commutative algebras ,

    Staff of the School

    A. M. Vinogradov (Universita' di Salerno),
    V. Chetverikov (Technical University of Moscow),
    A. De Paris (Universita' "Federico II" di Napoli),
    S. Igonin (Independent University of Moscow),
    M. Marvan (Silesian University at Opava, Czech Rep.),
    A. Verbovetsky (Independent University of Moscow),
    M. Vinogradov (Diffiety institute, Moscow),
    R. Vitolo (Universita' di Lecce),
    V. Yumaguzhin (State University of Pereslavl'-Zalessky, Russia).

    Program of the Research Seminar

    1. V. Chetverikov , Diffieties and some problems of control theory
    2. S. Igonin, R. Vitolo, A. Verbovetsky, What is \delta(0) equal to?
    3. M. Marvan, Zero-curvature representations and removability of the spectral parameter
    4. R. Alonso, On Green-Vinogradov formula
    5. V. Yumaguzhin, Contact classification of linear ordinary differential equations
    6. A. Vinogradov, New solutions of the vacuum Einstein equations and the singularity theory equations

    Organising committee:

    C. Bove, F. Canfora, D. Catalano (d.catalano @, S. Cioffi, A. De Paris (deparis @, G. Manno (giannimanno @, B. Prinari (prinari @, F. Pugliese (pugliese @, L. Vitagliano, R. Vitolo (Raffaele.Vitolo @

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