Last updated June 17, 2004

Current Geometry
The International Conference on problems and trends of contemporary geometry
Santo Stefano del Sole (Avellino, Italy), June 17 - 19, 2004

Under the auspices of

we are announcing Current Geometry, the fourth edition of the international conference on problems and trends in contemporary geometry. (For a more detailed information on previous Conferences edition see here.)


  1. Reasons
  2. List of speakers
  3. Scientific committee
  4. Organizing committee

List of speakers

The talks at the conference will be divided into invited lectures and communications by the selection of the Scientific Committee.

The Organizing Committee has a pleasure to announce the following speakers:
S. Abramov (Pereslal'), to be confirmed, M. Pettini (Florence),
M. Asorey (Zaragoza), M. Rahula (Tartu),
G. Marmo (Naples), G. Sudarshan (Austin),
M. Marvan (Opava), G. Vilasi (Salerno),
F. Olivier (Paris), A. Vinogradov (Salerno),
V. Ovsienko (Lyon), V. Yumaguzhin (Opava - Pereslavl').

Scientific Committee

E. Arbarello (Roma), F. Baldassarri (Padova), U. Bruzzo (Trieste), F. Catanese (Bayreuth), C. Ciliberto (Roma), A. Collino (Torino), M. Cornalba (Pavia), C. De Concini (Roma), B. Dubrovin (Trieste), L. van Geemen (Pavia), P. Griffiths (Princeton), V. Kac (Boston), K. O'Grady (Roma), C. Procesi (Roma), J. Stasheff (Chapel Hill), A. M. Vinogradov (Salerno).

Organizing committee

A. De Paris (Napoli), G. Rotondaro (Napoli), G. Sparano (Salerno), A. M. Vinogradov (Salerno), R. Vitolo (Lecce).

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